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There will be many uncertainties in the human living environment in the future. It is important to help humans adapt to the future environment. The project will be divided into two directions:

1) Enhance the human perception

2) New ways for humans to face viruses

The evolution of humans is slow. And humans’ knowledge and understanding of the world are built based on perception. Extending the senses is also extending the understanding of the world to some extent.


Based on predicting human future life and understanding human perception, a guess is made about the next step of human evolution. Is that possible for humans to have the same perception as animals and plants?

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Earthquake Background 

The bubbles are linearly proportional to their respective fatalities.

Earthquakes are a great harm to people all over the world.

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Earthquake Background 

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The bubbles are linearly proportional to their respective fatalities.

Earthquakes are a great harm to people all over the world.

The impact of the earthquake on humans

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human property, health, and life. 
Humans cannot avoid the damage caused by earthquakes, great harm to people all over the world.

Problems in the earthquake early warning system

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The alarm terminal of the earthquake


It needs to be developed in cooperation with relevant industries and departments. (ex: TV stations, railway departments, factories, hospitals, etc.)

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The more violent the ground movement in the extreme earthquake area, the shorter the time for warning


The lower the dependence on the early warning system, the longer the warning time.

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Existing technology is still unable to accurately predict: signal stations close to the earthquake source, coupled with the corresponding departments' cooperation, can play a role.


The deployment cost of the early warning system is very high: hardware, technology and personnel, and deployment location all require many funds


In addition to hardware technology, the existing technology needs to be strengthened:It has to be confirmed by multiple testing instruments in different places, but it cannot guarantee accurate information.


The high cost of manpower and material resources does not allow the monitoring system to be widely used.


Humans need to get early warning information through radio or mobile phones. However, the existing technology can only provide early warning tens of seconds in advance.


If humans encounter problems such as signal interruption in their lives in the future, can they get rid of these devices to avoid the damage caused by earthquakes?

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Hurricane Background 

The impact of hurricanes on humans

It can be seen that the frequency of hurricanes is higher. The level of the hurricane has gradually increased. At the same time, the damage caused by hurricanes to humans has gradually increased.

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Satellites, reconnaissance aircraft, ships, buoys, radar, and other land-based platforms are important tools used in hurricane tracking and prediction.

While a tropical cyclone is over the open ocean, remote measurements of the storm's intensity and track are made primarily via satellites.

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Prediction of future human perception and disaster

Through research, it is found that global warming will continue to worsen in the future, and the number of disasters will increase.


With the development of science and technology, human perception is degrading in the process of evolution. So we predicted the frequent disasters in the future and the gradual decline of human perception.

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Disasters will frequently happen in the future, but the existing technology cannot bring good security to humanity.

 In human evolution, with the development of science and technology, human perception ability has declined.


Propose Question:

Through research, we found that facing the future environment, human beings are very small. Currently, without technology, human beings will not be able to cope with certain difficulties. Therefore, how do the animals living on the earth face these difficult living environments?

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The emotional reactions of animals and people before the disaster

Elephant's seismic communication system

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 Before the earthquake, infrasound waves were abnormal. But elephants can hear infrasound waves that humans cannot attend and then transmit information through a part of their bodies.

Humans can only hear sounds above 20 HZ and below 20,000HZ. In the animal world, bats can hear ultrasonic waves higher than 20,000 Hz. Elephants can hear infrasound waves below 20 HZ.

According to research data, it is found that due to changes in the surrounding environment, animals have more substantial perception capabilities than humans. Animals will feel anxious.


Humans have the same perception ability, but such perception ability is not apparent, and some cannot even feel any changes in the surrounding environment.

Frog skin

Frogs use their lungs for breathing, and skin is used to help breathe. The skin is bare and moist, which facilitates the exchange of gas between the surface of the body and the outside world.


Frogs have become a "real-time barometer" for African indigenous people to observe changes in weather. As long as the locals see tree frogs climbing from the water to the tree, they will take action to prevent rain

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Dry Air

Wet And Rainy

the evaporation of moisture from the  skin accelerates, must stay in the water to keep your skin moist;


skin moisture is not easy to volatilize, jump out of the water

Atmospheric pressure

Before the hurricane, the weather and air pressure change abnormally. animals will feel the arrival of the hurricane through their perception.


Through research, it is found that animals are more sensitive to disasters than humans, and their behaviors before disasters will be strange. Animals have stronger perception capabilities than humans.


Human evolution is very slow. Human knowledge and understanding of the world are all based on perception, and the extension of the senses is to some extent extending the understanding of the world. So what will be the next step in human evolution? Can humans have the same strong perception ability as animals and plants?


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Enhance human perception & Proposal

Is it possible to enhance human perception capabilities to help humans better survive in the future environment?

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Predicting future detection technology and use technology (through equipment) to enhance human perception


Enhancing human perception through changes in human genes

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The Future Scenarios 

In the future, with the development of science and technology, the detection system in the future may be better and better. The following are our predictions for future scenarios

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Conceptional Solution1

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Public Display Device


According to the data of infrasound and air pressure, it is divided into three states: normal, abnormal, and very abnormal

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Public Display Device

How To Wear

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Part of coding

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Another possibility

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Improve perception through biology

Put forward an idea: under the premise of legalization of gene editing, whether humans can get rid of all equipment. Editing with animal or plant genes to enhance human perception

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Enhance the human perception of long-dormant bacteria and viruses

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Improve perception through biology

There are many millions of years ago viruses in permafrost. Still, now the greenhouse effect caused by environmental pollution is relatively serious And leading to signs of melting in the frozen soil. Once the frozen ground begins to melt, these viruses will be released. The humans contact these viruses, hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of people will be infected. Therefore, we tried to design from a new perspective on how humans perceive this potential danger in the future.

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Trend analysis of virus detection in the future

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According to our analysis of the development trend of virus detection in the future, what will be the new mode of virus detection in the future?

Propose Idea


Interactive process interpretation and analysis


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