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Humation presents the future society's information model to explore the boundary between technology and privacy development in the future. We hope that viewers can face the "future" and think about the "now." And rethink the relationship between human beings, privacy, and technology. To move toward the "future" with a new attitude.

News And Exhibition


News And Exhibition

Hidden in the mobile app is an SDK
plug-in provided by a third-party company

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Use the SDK plug-in in the mobile phone software without the user's permission and the user's knowledge. Theft steals proprietary information in the user's mobile phone, including text messages, call records, contacts, etc.

List of apps that violate user rights

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On May 15th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China once announced the "list of apps that violate user rights and interests." It mainly includes 16 apps, such as Dangdang, QQ, and WiFi Butler.

Exclusive — Hacker Steals Over 218 Million Zynga 'Words with Friends' Gamers Data

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Use the SDK plug-in in the mobile phone software without the user's permission and the user's knowledge. Theft steals proprietary information in the user's mobile phone, including text messages, call records, contacts, etc.

Dima Yarovinsk’s work: I Agree D

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“I Agree” is a project by designer Dima Yarovinsky that visually showcases the lengthy ‘terms of service’ we agree to to use the world’s most popular online services like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tinder.

Through the data, most apps have an excessive collection of personal information and excessive access to permissions. Many of these apps are social software owned by large Internet companies such as Tencent and Sohu. Some non-mainstream apps will maliciously steal users through the forced installation of plug-ins information.


The Direction of User Data

The Directionof User Data

Information security maintenance (ACTIVE)

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1. The improvement of network computing power. More private information is delivered to the network.
2. The expenses spent on maintaining network information security are increasing year by year.
3. Network information leakage accidents are also increasing year by year.
More private information is delivered to the network.

As more and more services are developed to obtain user privacy. A mass of information users is uploaded to the network platform.  

1. The higher the cost of network security maintenance;

2. The more network information theft ;

3. The more data is used for data analysis and user preference analysis.

Information Sharing (ACTIVE) & Information theft (PASSIVE)

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User Information Trend Map


Conduct research on users' attitudes towards privacy policies

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Without any mobile communication equipment, personal privacy is well protected.


While users exchange their privacy for convenience, their sensitivity to the risk of leakage of their privacy is gradually reduced.


The company takes advantage of the user’s mentality that users will not carefully read the privacy clauses and increases access to the platform itself that is of no use to better understand the user’s reasons. There is a huge risk of leakage of user information on the platform.

Personal Information Obtained by Various Platforms

Personal information obtained by various platforms

Information obtained

Searched :
The privacy policies of 19 commonly used social platforms.
The user information obtained on each platform and the purpose of the collected information.

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Permission obtained 

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

The proposal of the data hub

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Mobile apps have become popular, users are required to submit personal information while using software, and even obtain user information without the user’s knowledge.

User privacy is completely transparent and there is a user information storage point in the society, and all users of user information can obtain it through this platform. Based on the technical support of 5G, the user preference analysis of various apps is no longer based on the information obtained by the software itself, but a full-dimensional analysis of users based on user portraits formed by information storage points.

Without any mobile communication equipment, personal privacy is well protected.

The Expectation of The Future Information Acquisition System


The Expectation of the Future Information Acquisition System

In-depth research: What data about people is collected in the privacy era and what is used for collection
Conjecture: Assumptions are made about the convenience of future life and the number of information people obtains.

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Product 1





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Physical shooting:

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The camera captures the figure of a person and sets the angle of turning around according to the person’s position on the screen

Spray different mists and raise different nozzles according to user emotions.

The base of the product will rotate
according to the results of the analysis of the image content captured by the camera

Exploded view:

Vertical distance

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资源 10@3x.png

Function realization:

资源 11@3x.png


//Determine the position of the figure in the screen to set the rotation position of the servo

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Product 2

Produce2:Door eye



Physical shooting:

资源 9@4x.png

Exploded view:

The information sensed by the infrared sensor is returned to the steering gear, the steering gear rotates, and the door eye is revealed

资源 10@4x.png


资源 8@4x.png

The door eye is fixed on the door. When the user agrees to the privacy agreement, facial recognition is started based on the facial information submitted by the person

When the person approaches, the rudder will control the door to open

The infrared sensor catches people approaching, it will control the rotation angle of the steering gear and control the opening and closing of the door

Function realization:


资源 11@4x.png

//Judge the rotation angle of the steering gear according to the return distance of infrared//getDistance()

资源 12@4x.png

The infrared ray detects the distance of the person and controls the rotation angle of the steering gear according to the distance of the person, thereby controlling the appearance of the "human eye"

Depth Monitoring Mode

Depth Monitoring Mode

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Collected many existing ways to obtain people's private information through abnormal channels. 
Imagine: To obtain all kinds of information from people in the future, these illegal information theft methods may become legal.

Indoor Model

Indoor model

We have designed a user experience space based on our envisioned future information collection system and information collection purposes. We presented a more convenient living space for people in the future and shot a video in the designed space.


We have redesigned two products in the future and proposed how people’s lives are monitored in the design space.

资源 5@3x.png

We set the place in the bedroom.


For everyone, the place that gives them the most sense of security is their own bedroom: privacy, safety, and silence. However, as people sacrifice more and more privacy for convenience, the bedroom no longer separates us from the outside world as before but turns our every move into data and submits it to the service hub. Let our behavior language become a piece of data without emotion.

Design Processing


Design Processing

Processing 1(Present ideas)

​People's scattered information

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We designed a projected content in front of the interior's desk: dots representing people's identity information floated from people's desks to picture frames hung on the wall. Each frame represents information that people are divided into four categories.

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资源 16@4x.png

Real-time debugging process

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Processing 2 (Interface design)

Design ideas

To reflect the future technology and sense of simplicity, we let the video's interface use Neumorphism style. These interfaces are used to present and explain the extreme changes in a future life after privacy is fully stolen.

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资源 23@4x.png

The interface that appears in the video

资源 17@4x.png
资源 19@4x.png
资源 18@4x.png
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For example, when the user's habit of drinking with a straw is detected in the space, the water cup with its own habit will be pushed to the user. Users can directly place orders based on the precise push, omitting the selection process.

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资源 26@4x.png


资源 28@4x.png


资源 29@4x.png


资源 30@4x.png
资源 27@4x.png




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When users agree to the privacy agreement, they can enjoy all the conveniences. First, the door eye recognizes his facial information and opens the door to the bedroom.



After entering the room, the user's location and mood are recognized, and the humidifier starts to work according to the information.


The user makes a call with a friend, the room recognizes the owner’s miss for the friend and plays their photo on the TV.


The user arrives at the room, the location information is updated, and the courier is delivered.
Many courier boxes are stacked on the blankets, the messy room status is identified, and the recommended purchase information about the shelves is sent to the mailbox.


The user’s sitting at the table, there are bubbles representing data and personal information coming from his mobile phone or computer to the picture frame on the wall


When the picture frame is full of bubbles, the system's user information during this period of time is revealed.



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