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Yezi Xu

A UX/UI and Creative designer based in NYC.

UX/ Accessibility Design /
Web Design

A citizen science project
supported by NASA.

Visa Application Process System App

UX Design / App

The project work with Twitter

UX/ Accessibility Design / App

UX Design / App 

Case study
Redesign Instagram Vanish Mode

Interactive Installation/ Video

An Interactive, transmedia,
participatory space.


Rethinking the relationship
between humans, privacy and 


Gather pertinent sounds captured within a 24-hour timeframe from
the city of Shanghai. Project the sound and video to create an all-encompassing environment.

UX Design/ Product Design

Build a colorful bridge between visually impaired children and sighted children.

Creative/ Video

Human evolution proceeds at a
gradual pace, and our comprehension
of the world is largely shaped by
our perceptual experiences.
Expanding our senses can thus
broaden our understanding of the
world to a certain extent.

Contact me to get the password

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